About Us
We are a game and software development studio creating user experiences and bringing people together. We value creativity and innovation. To expand our capabilities, we constantly research new means of crafting better, more accessible software. Naturally, in our mission of connecting people we specialize in web technology. Join us on our journey of discovering new opportunities in entertainment and social solutions.
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Spread: Transmission icon
Spread: Transmission
Spread: Transmission logo
You make the rules!
Defeat your friends in our new strategy boardgame Spread: Transmission. Exciting until the very last round, get your epic comeback and takeover the entire board in a single turn.
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Local and Online Multiplayer
Present icon
Five gamemodes and a huge variety of boards
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Play with your own rules on your own boards
2021 - Today
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chromax 2
Picture showing off chromax features
Community building through gamification!
Software solution created to aid community building by providing public gameservers everyone can play on together, including various aspects of gamification to boost player engagement. Watch as players compete and level up their profiles on their quest to become the number one.
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Particularly suitable for party games
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Integrates with Discord seamlessly
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Extendability enabled by modular design
2019 - 2021